Why Are X-Rays Important?

When you visit the dentist, have you ever wondered, “Why are x-rays important?” This is a great question! We are here to provide the answer for you. 

Detect to Prevent

ADA.org explains, “Dentists use X-rays to help diagnose damage and disease that is not visible during a clinical dental examination.” X-rays allow the dentist to see what the naked eye cannot. Cavities between the teeth is one example of an issue that is unable to be seen during just a visual exam. Decay and other issues can crop up between visits which is why we recommend X-rays every 6 month visit. The sooner a problem is detected, the sooner you can prevent further progression of that problem.

Are X-rays Dangerous?

Many people are worried about exposure to radiation when it comes to X-rays. Thankfully however, the level of radiation exposure to a patient is very low. In fact, they are considered safe for both children and adults. We always place a lead shield with a Thyroid collar on our patients during X-rays that covers all vital organs for further protection.

Types of Radiographs

There are several types of X-rays taken depending on patient needs. 3 common types are listed below:

Bitewing: This involves biting down on a special piece of paper which allows the dentist to check such things as dental crowns, bone level, and for cavities between teeth.

Panoramic: As you stand, a special machine rotates around your head, capturing images that your dentist may need to check such things as wisdom teeth, jaw health, or for planning Orthodontic care.

Periapical: This is used to zero in on a specific tooth, capturing it from crown to root.

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