Why Sugar isn’t so Sweet for Your Teeth

Americans consume tons of sugar every year. Despite how yummy it tastes, sugar is well known to have a negative effect on those who consume too much of it. Not only can it bring harm to your overall health but it can also harm your oral health. Learn why sugar isn’t so sweet for your teeth.

It Eats Away at Your Teeth

You have a cavity”. It’s what you hope the dentist won’t say when you pay them a visit. However, what if it’s something you seem to hear every time you visit the dentist? Although there are many causes of cavities, too much sugar can be a big culprit. Perhaps it would be a good idea to evaluate your sugar consumption. How exactly can too much sugar affect your oral health? Notice the following helpful tips from Dental One Associates:

  • Sugar has a direct connection to tooth decay.
  • After eating foods that contain sugar, these molecules combine with saliva and bacteria present in the mouth. This combination leads to plaque on teeth.
  • Left on teeth, plaque can dissolve enamel, which leads to cavities.

How to Avoid Tooth Decay from Sugar

It won’t harm your teeth if you enjoy treats in moderation! Therefore, when we do have something with a high sugar content, swish with water after to avoid the build up of bacteria. Brushing your teeth is also a good idea. Just remember, the worst thing to do is to let sugary foods sit on your teeth. Therefore, try and avoid things that will stick on your teeth like candy.

North County Dental Specialties

As always, keep up with your dental visits twice per year. Ensuring your dentist is checking your teeth on a consistent basis ensures cavity prevention! Don’t let another day go by without scheduling your dental exam.