Cleaning Your Clear Aligners

For those who qualify, many people are opting for clear aligners instead of traditional braces. They love the invisible look! However, just like braces, a patient needs to keep clear aligners clean to avoid issues. Learn about some of these issues and how properly cleaning your clear aligners is a preventative step.

Common Complaints

Although clear aligners have many pluses, those pluses can be out weighed by these problems! But do not worry- these are all preventable problems!

  • Bad BreathBacteria and food particles can get trapped in your teeth and thus the crevices of your aligners. If this sits long enough, a bad smell and taste can result while wearing your aligners.
  • BuildupWithout proper cleaning and care, your aligners can begin to look dirty and worse yet, they can even cause cavities. The culprit? Lingering build up on your aligners which is full of bacteria!
  • DiscolorationClear aligners will remain clear for only so long if you fail to take them off while eating and drinking. Just as our teeth are porous and can stain from such things as berries and coffee, so do aligners!

Helpful Cleaning Tips

How can you avoid one or all of the above issues? By keeping your mouth and aligners fresh and clean! Learn how you can do this with the following tips.

  • Clean Your Teeth Before You Wear Aligners: First things first! By already having clean teeth before wearing aligners, you are less likely to trap residual food and bacteria against your teeth for hours.
  • Run Cold Water over Aligners Upon Removal: When you take out your aligners to eat for example, you are rinsing food and saliva off of them. A side note- avoid using hot water because it can warp the plastic.

For daily cleansing:

  • Use Antibacterial Soap and Water: You can use a soft toothbrush along with an antibacterial soap to gently scrub them. Thus you will prevent bacteria being carried into your mouth.
  • Soak in White Vinegar: A tablespoon of white vinegar in a little water is a great soaking option for aligners that will effectively clean them in 15 minutes.
  • According to Laster Orthodontics, you can, “Soak in Clear Mouthwash, Denture Cleaner, or Other Cleaning TabletsYou can also soak your aligners in a clear mouthwash to clean them. Avoid blue or green mouthwash products, since they may discolor aligners. Denture cleaner and retainer cleaning tablets, like Retainer Brite, will also effectively disinfect and clean your clear aligners.”

Love Your Smile!

We are happy that you are getting to your best smile with clear orthodontics! Do not forget to schedule your 6 month cleaning and exam. Please give us a call!