Why You Have Bad Breath

We have all been around that person with a less than pleasing odor coming from their mouth! On the other hand, maybe you are that person but you just can’t figure out why you have bad breath. Read on to find out some common causes.

5 Causes of Bad Breath

1. Food- When we consume food, little particles can be left behind. When we fail to properly clean this away, bacteria collects and thus contributes to bad breath.

2. Gum Disease- Due to the high level of bacteria in the mouth when someone has gum disease, a foul taste or a bad smell can result. If this is true of you, seek help at the dentist.

3. Dry Mouth- Saliva helps to wash away food particles. Therefore, a lack of saliva encourages food to sit in our mouth and collect bacteria. According to Dental Associates, reasons for dry mouth can include “salivary gland issues, certain medications, or repeated breathing through your mouth.”

4. Smoking and Tobacco- This one is a given! Anything involving smoking or tobacco is not only terrible to one’s health and can stain teeth but can also cause bad breath.

5. Medical Conditions- We also learn from Dental Associates that “sinus and lung infections or kidney and liver disease can cause bad breath.”

Don’t Neglect Your Dental Health!

Some excellent ways to prevent bad breath include brushing twice daily, flossing once daily, and visiting your dentist every 6 months at North County Dental Specialty!