Need a Denti-Cal Dentist?

San Diego is constantly growing. Maybe you just moved to the area or you have been a local for years.Either way, growth means the need for more and more dentists to cover Denti-Cal. Do you need a Denti-Cal dentist? Look no further! Let us provide you with excellent dental care.

Anything for the Patient

Here at North County Dental Specialties, all Denti-Cal patients are welcomed. Whether or not you tend to be nervous at the dentist, let us show you why you can expect great dental care. Please take a look at the following features of our office!

  • TVs and reading material- A little distraction can sometimes be helpful when we are a little nervous in the waiting room! We definitely understand and therefore we always make sure to have an interesting show on for you to watch or a magazine to read as you wait. You will find the same to be offered in the operatories- we find that little ones tend to like a cartoon or two to watch during their exam.
  • Coffee, tea, and water- To add to your comfort, you are welcome to sip your drink of preference whether it is some hot coffee or tea, or some refreshing water.
  • Treasure box- Of course the kids cannot wait to dig through the treasure box for their reward!
  • Blankets and pillows- Warmth and comfort have a way of making us feel relaxed. Thus, at your request, we would be happy to provide a cozy blanket or pillow!

It’s All About the People

We think the most drawing aspect of our office is the friendly, helpful, and professional team we have! We love answering any questions you may have and will do our best to make you comfortable. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at North County!