The 5 Don’ts for Your Kid’s Dental Care

Keeping our kids safe from illness is a big priority and we are constantly trying to minimize their chances of picking up germs. You should adopt the same viewpoint of bacteria in their mouth to prevent tooth decay! It is a huge problem among children. But you CAN fight the cavities successfully by taking note of the 5 don’ts for your kid’s dental care.

  • Don’t Skip Fluoride

    Fluoride is an excellent preventative measure since it strengthens a tooth’s enamel, thus building up its defenses against decay. Buying children’s toothpaste with fluoride in it is a great start! However, you do not want them to use too much which could potentially cause fluorosis. All they really need is a smear if they are younger than 3, and a pea size amount on their toothbrush for years 3 to 6, according to Healthline.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Need to Brush

    The morning was too busy”, “It was a long day, the kids were too tired”- do either of these reasons for skipping the brushing sounds familiar? We understand how much there is to get done in a day, especially with little ones! However, brushing teeth should definitely be made a priority and finding the time is a must. Tooth decay will only complicate a family’s busy schedule and can easily be avoided. It is ideal to brush after each meal, but ensuring their teeth are brushed every morning and night is acceptable.

  • Don’t Let them Brush Alone

    Kids learn fast! Before leaving them to their own devices with the teeth cleaning, brush their teeth and let them see you do it, if possible, in the mirror. Show them how to be thorough. Then, when they start doing it on their own, continue to supervise them to make sure they are not missing anything! This is especially recommended for young ones under age 6. You also want to remind them not to spit the toothpaste out, as swallowing too much can be harmful for kids.

  • Don’t do Sticky Sweets

    The fact that sugary foods are not good for teeth is a given. Even worse than sugary foods are sugary foods that stick and hang on to teeth! This means treats like gummy bears, caramels, taffies, and the like. The longer a sugary residue hangs on to a tooth, the more potential there is for damage to that tooth, aka cavities! Although the occasional treat won’t cause instant damage, try to find healthy alternatives, like fruits, to satisfy their sweet tooth. When sugary treats are consumed, make sure they brush their teeth after!

  • Don’t Let them Constantly Sip Juice

    This goes along the same lines as sticky sweets- too much sugar on the teeth for too long leads to decay. Many feel that since juice comes from fruit, it is a good thing to have kids drink. In reality, fruit juice has a ton of sugar. Therefore, try to make it more of a treat and give them water instead. When they do have juice or sugary drinks, make sure they at least rinse their mouth with water, if not brush their teeth.

A Kid-Friendly Dental Office

At North County Dental Specialty, we love kids! Make sure to schedule an appointment for your child! Having them see a dentist by their first birthday is recommended and can definitely save parents a lot of money in the long run!