Friday is National Flossing Day

   There are national day for almost anything you can think of. There is an ice cream day, a hugging day, and even a national “lumpy rug day”- not sure how that came about but it is a nationally recognized day none the less.

   In light of this, there shouldn’t there be a day to recognize the importance of keeping teeth clean? There is! Actually there are many days recognizing oral health, dentists, oral cancer, ect. One such day is this week- Friday is national flossing day!

It all Starts with Appreciation

   When we appreciate the role of our teeth, we are more likely to care for them. Think of all the foods you would miss out on enjoying if it hurt to chew or you lacked necessary teeth!. Further, a nice smile is a confidence booster, draws others to us, and can even make us more desirable to hire at a job interview. With all the good things that come from healthy teeth, we are motivated to care for our chompers. How?

Floss and Brush!

   Dental professionals don’t constantly remind you to floss and brush just to irritate you! Failure to remove food and bacteria from between your teeth and beneath your gums, is a great way to develop cavities and diseased gums. “But my gums bleed whenever I floss”, you may say. Often, this is a tell tale sign that you have been a little remiss about your oral hygiene.

   An article from Healthline brings out, “Gums become inflamed and bleed when there’s a buildup of plaque along the gum line. Plaque is a sticky film containing bacteria that covers your teeth and gums. And if you don’t brush or floss enough, the bacteria can spread and cause tooth decay or gum disease.”

So in honor of national flossing day, if you need to take care of your teeth better, let this be your incentive!

Let Us Help You!

   You are not alone in taking care of your teeth. We want to help you with your oral care by giving you professional cleanings and dental care advice. Your 6 month dental appointments are crucial to a healthy smile. Contact us to schedule!