Why Choose Clear Aligner Trays?

It’s the modern world and that means advances here at your family dental office too! The fact that straightening teeth by means of headgear now lies in ancient history, is definitely something to smile about! In fact, you have probably been in contact with people recently who are undergoing Orthodontic treatment without your even noticing it! How is this possible? Clear aligners! Who doesn’t want a great smile by means of almost invisible smile straightening care? Find the answer to “Why Choose Clear Aligner Trays?”

Three Benefits You Want in Your Life

If you are considering Orthodontic treatment, get the facts about clear aligners! Although this treatment is not for everyone, such as someone with perhaps a severe over or underbite, it is certainly worth looking into. The following benefits may just convince you to research it further! The following link to WebMD, can also give you some helpful information!

1. It is so much easier to keep teeth clean– no wires or brackets here! Since aligners are removable, your tooth brush and floss are not inhibited as they can be with braces. Thus, oral hygiene is way easier to maintain!

2. Nearly invisible– maybe one day we will be able to straighten our teeth with solar power or something futuristic. Currently however, these aligner trays are pretty amazing considering how unnoticeable they are. Due to the clear, smooth material they are made from, and their personalized fit to your teeth, you can smile with confidence as you see your teeth straightening tray after tray.

3. Maintenance is just as invisible! Some end up having crooked teeth after braces because they do not like how their metal retainer looks. After all, they want to finally show off that fabulous new smile without the look of metal. Thank goodness for clear aligners! After your teeth are invisibly straightened, they can also be invisibly maintained with a clear retainer.

It’s “Clear” We Can Help You!

Did you find some helpful answers to the question “Why Choose Clear Aligner Trays?” We proudly offer clear trays to align your smile. Come in and get a free consultation at our office in North County!