3 Signs to Bring Your Child to the Dentist

Having healthy gums and teeth are important to the overall health of an individual. This goes for your kids too! Thus, being aware of your child’s oral health is a must. Take note of 3 signs to bring your child to the dentist.


Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. When a child is having a toothache, it could be a number of things and is imperative for a professional to examine them. The sooner you give us a call and come in, the sooner your son or daughter will have relief!

Irritated Gums

After brushing, flossing, or throughout the day, are your kid’s gums red, swollen, or bleeding? Do they complain about their gums hurting? This can sometimes mean they have Gingivitis or other dental problems. Give us a call and let the doctor take a look and access the issue.

Sensitivity to Temperature

If your child has tooth pain when biting into something cold like a popsicle or while drinking a hot drink, it can mean they have dental decay as this informative website explains. The best first step is to make an appointment with the doctor to perform an exam.

We are Here to Help

The last thing you or our caring office wants is for your child to continue to have a dental problem. It could lead to worse issues and further discomfort. Do not hesitate to call us and inquire about the steps you should take! Call us or visit our website! 760-233-5887