Why They are Called Wisdom Teeth

Your teenager starts feeling soreness in the back of their mouth. You remember that same feeling when your wisdom teeth came in. But why are they called wisdom teeth? Do they make us smarter? Do they impart wisdom? Learn why this is the common name for these teeth and some other interesting facts.

Unfortunately wisdom teeth do not give us wisdom! This term is often used however, because wisdom does often come with age. They are the last teeth to erupt, often at a time in our life when we are nearing maturity, specifically 17 to 21 as mouthhealthy.org states. They are also called the third molars!

What is Their Purpose?

When the third molars erupt, or come through properly, they are useful for chewing our food. Specifically, they help us grind our food since molars are flatter while other teeth help rip food apart. On the other hand, some people never get their wisdom teeth! Others may have wisdom teeth but they never erupt through the gums.

Why Are They Often Removed?

Either way, wisdom teeth can cause discomfort because there is often little room left in the mouth for them to erupt. This can cause other teeth to become crooked as the third molars push from the back. Additionally, they can be difficult to keep clean due to how far back they are in the mouth. Further, more often than not, they come in crooked which can add further difficult in cleaning them.

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