Free Dentistry for Those in Need

Free dentistry for those in need has been provided with a generous spirit by our very own Dr. Hoang. As a resident of Murrieta, Dr. Hoang not only provides dentistry both locally in San Diego as well as Temecula, Escondido, and Oceanside. Learn more about his story.

Affordable Dental Care

By working hand in hand with Smile California, a program which can provide free dental insurance for those who qualify, Dr. Hoang is providing affordable dental care to those in need.

To add to this, Dr. Hoang is active with the Head Start Program, which has made it possible to provide free dentistry for those in need to over 8,000 children in our area! To ensure they also receive quality education on dental hygiene, these precious children are gifted coloring books, toys and of course toothpaste and a new toothbrush!

A Visit to Vietnam

From July 22nd to July 26th of this year, Dr. Hoang and his fellow doctors made a special visit to Quang Nam, Vietnam. Each day of their journey involved getting up at 4 am to travel to remote villages where they would provide free dental care to the needy. However, in such a rural community, where did this unique dental team work? In fact, local schools were used as temporary dental offices in which the school desks were pushed together to create operating tables!

Story Time

One remarkable story that stood out, was that of a small, 6 year old boy who’s father had died. He wanted to come to the free dental clinic so he walked over 5 miles to get there on his own! He was so happy to receive dental care and Dr. Hoang and staff were absolutely thrilled to help him. In addition to this little boy, over 3,000 people of all ages were helped on this trip. As a parting gift, the dental team gave 150 bicycles to the children! What a remarkable impression was left on this rural community in Vietnam!

Visit Us!

We want you to also benefit from Dr. Hoang’s skilled dentistry. We invite you to come in and get to know the Doctor and his staff. We thank Dr. Hoang for this generous gift both locally and internationally!
For more information please visit our website or call us (760) 233-5887.