Back to School Tooth Healthy Snacks

The kids are back in school and you are back at the guessing game of what to fill their lunch box with. You don’t have time to prepare a fancy meal for them everyday but you want something healthy! Take these foods into consideration for back to school tooth healthy snacks!


Did you know apples have been called nature’s tooth brush? Yes, this delicious fruit contains lots of fiber which acts as helpful bristles against your enamel. The bad bacteria that causes your breath to smell are destroyed by the acidity of an apple too! Further, keep that skin on the apple for the kids because it promotes healthy gums and teeth!


Carrots are loved for how easy they are to incorporate as a snack. Like apples, they also have a high fiber content that works to scrub away plaque and food debris. As you eat a carrot, it stimulates saliva production and this is one of your body’s built in mechanisms for cleaning your mouth. Not to mention, carrots are high in B Vitamins, something that keeps gums happy.


Cheese? This one may have surprised you. However, we are often told that milk and therefore cheese, is high in Calcium which promotes strong bones. Well, Calcium also works to promote strong teeth! As a bonus, United Concordia Dental brings out, cheese and other dairy products contain a protein called casein. And when combined with the calcium and phosphate compounds found in cheese, casein forms a protective coating on the tooth enamel, which helps prevent decalcification”. Who knew that this delicious treat was so helpful to your little ones’ teeth?.

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