Oral Health for Kids During Summer

Summer is a kids paradise because it means sleepovers, beach and pool days, and cold treats! This summer bliss puts a smile on all those little faces! North County Dental Specialties wants to keep that smile shinning! Here are some helpful tips to keep up that oral health for kids during summer.

Maintenance is Key!

Sleepovers, vacations, and long days of fun in the sun can make brushing and flossing teeth everyday easy to forget about. But don’t let all of that hard work from a good oral health care routine go to waste in your kids mouth! Help them to keep up the following habits:

-brush everyday for 2 minutes with a soft bristled tooth brush

-floss at least once per day to remove all the plaque that a toothbrush can’t reach

-keep some disposable toothbrushes and floss in the glove box for those times you all decide on a spontaneous trip!

Keep Sugary Drinks and Treats to a Minimum

Summer means popsicles, ice cream, hot dogs, and more tasty treats. Although thoroughly delicious, these foods and drinks need to be limited for the kiddos. A constant intake of sugar can result in cavities and constant snacking out of boredom around the house can also harm tooth enamel. Being aware of this is important for oral health for kids during summer.

Keep healthy snacks around the house and focus on water as the main choice of drink. Think whole foods like nuts and veggies as the best snack options!

Schedule that Back to School Dental Appointment

The last thing you want is a toothache during the summer! Keep up to date in scheduling your kids 6 month check ups because these will prevent dental issues. Make sure they are school ready with their check up and cleaning! Give us a call to make an appointment! (760) 233-5887