Daily Habits that Harm Teeth

Whether we realize it or not, we all have some sort of routine. But could our habits actually be detrimental to the health of our teeth? North County Dental Specialties has some daily habits you may be doing that are unknowingly bringing harm to your oral health!

Are You a Snacker?

You may think that you swallow all of your food after eating. However, small particles are left over on and between the teeth. Cavity causing bacteria love to hang out and feed on this food. As they feast, the bacteria leave behind an acid that can actually eat away at the surface of your teeth if left for long periods of time! The more often you eat, the more this process is repeated.

Carb rich and sugary foods and drinks such as soda and chips are some of the worst culprits. If you must snack, try opting for things like veggies and rinse your teeth with water after eating.

Nail Biting!

Public speaking, watching a suspenseful movie, and taking a timed test. What do these things make many people do? Bite their nails! Ugly nails is not the only side effect of nail biting. Constant chewing of nails can also lead to jaw issues, misalignment, enamel destruction, and chipped teeth. The bacteria that live beneath our nails are also released into your mouth, potentially effecting gum health! This is without doubt one of the daily habits that harm teeth! If you are a nail biter, try to replace this nervous habit with something like a stress ball or breathing deeply.

Using Teeth as Tools

What is your go to tool for removing that stubborn water bottle cap or ripping off that piece of plastic? If you say your teeth, you need to find a new tool! Similar to nail biting, this habit can result in such problems as chipped teeth and jaw problems. Remember, out teeth are made to chew food, not replace that pair of scissors!

We Can Help with Daily Habits that Harm Teeth!

Perhaps you are guilty of one or all of these daily habits that harm teeth. Have you incurred some damage on your teeth as a result like a chipped tooth, sensitivity due to erosion, or misalignment? Give us a call to schedule an appointment and fix those teeth! (760) 233-5887