Back to School Teeth Whitening

   The start to school is coming quickly! Preparations are being made for the start of the new school year. One thing that North County Dental Services can help with is a white smile! Whether they are headed off to college or high school, help to make your student’s 2019-2020 school year the best one yet. When we are proud to show off our smile, our confidence goes through the roof! This serves both teens and adults very well! Give your student the gift of white teeth!

Boost that Smile

Fun fact: Business Insider tells us that it takes 3 seconds for someone to decide whether they like you or not upon first meeting you. As was mentioned above, having a great smile is an instant confidence booster. As a result our interactions with people is improved since others are naturally drawn to confident people. Without a doubt this is something you desire for your student as they go back to school. Having a white smile is priceless for your son or daughter! Help them achieve this with back to school teeth whitening using our help at North County Dental Specialties.

  White AND Healthy

   We are fully aware that teeth whitening makes your teeth look fabulous. Keeping up good oral hygiene is a must for white teeth. Without it, your white teeth makeover will mot last very long! Make sure to book an appointment for a check up and cleaning for your student! Healthy teeth and gums prevent periodontal disease and decay. Make sure your student’s teeth are both healthy and white for the 2019 to 2020 school year!

Have more questions for us? We love answering them all for you! Give us a call or visit us and ask away! You and your child will not regret a beautiful smile. (760) 233-5887