Dental Visit Frequency

Have you been known to put off your dental visits? Why are dental visits so important, even if your teeth seem fine? Keep in mind there are many reasons to visit your dentist, not just when you have a toothache! Understand why you should be consistent with your dental visits and how often you should go.


Let’s first learn why frequent dental visits are so important. The greatest way to have great dental health is to make sure you never develop dental problems. How? Prevent them with the help of a professional. Your dentist can catch early warning signs of tooth decay, fractures, gum disease, oral cancer, and other problems. In doing so, you will save both time and money!

Further, at home you are not able to clean your teeth in the same way that a professional can. A vast amount of people have gum disease without even knowing it. Gum disease results from an overabundance of bacteria in the gums. Without a professional’s cleaning, this disease can get worse and worse.


Dentists generally recommend that you see them every 6 months or twice per year. This visit will include a dental exam and cleaning that includes x-rays. When a patient needs a deep cleaning, they are encouraged to get a cleaning every 3 to 4 months in addition to their 6 month check-up.

At North County Dental Specialties, we want to encourage you to start regular dental visits if you have not already done so. Prevent dental issues and give us a call to schedule your next appointment (760) 233-5887