Orthodontics becomes a big topic in most families.  As so many of us end up needing to have braces!  It generally begins as a youth, when it becomes apparent our child will need to see an Orthodontics Dentist.   However, some of us escape our youthful years, and the process for ortho care begins when we are older.  Either way, we are so happy you found us, as NC Dental Specialties has the best in Dental and Orthodontic Care!  Please call our office at 760-233-5887, for any questions.     We can help you with insurance needs, and arrange a free consultation for you and your family.   Escondido is a beautiful city, and our Doctors and Staff take great pride in providing the best in all dental care.    Braces have so many options now, so we do look forward to reviewing your needs and to provide the best ortho care to keep you healthy and to have a beautiful smile too!  See you soon!

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